Time to Fly

I have recently made a huge life change.  I know this is not news to those of you that know me, I have a tendency to do this from time-to-time, but for the benefit of all, let me explain how this works for me.  Maybe it will help you pursue something you have been thinking about doing.

I have been planning this change for quite some time.  I have been thinking, dreaming and building up my dream life for about 2 years – before I even came out to California.  I have been putting together a foundation, slowly and surely building it up very carefully one brick at a time.  Now it’s not perfect, nor is it complete, but I’ve got a good base together.

From here I finally have made the leap!  I decided I needed more time and focus on my number one priority.   Too many responsibilities…

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In this weeks webinar Mark talks to me about” Making the Shift” . I say me because I really had to listen to this video a lot before I began to understand what it meant to me . He talks about a shift in thought . The understanding that power doesn’t come from  an accumulation of things ex: car , house , large bank account , etc. These things are symbols of your power.They are confirmation of your power .They do not or will not exist if you don’t recognize , acknowledge , except and use your power.

We were told in the webcast this week that we are being called to reclaim our authentic self . Part of reclaiming our authentic self ,  is making this shift of thought. spiritualteacher


Week 18 again…. Actions of the future me


My future self… What would I do?  What would be important to me?  What would I care about?  What have I done to get there?  What kind of person am I?  What would I look back on from my years past and ask myself why I wasted my time on it or why did I worry about that?  How do I feel about things?  These are all questions I have been pondering and sitting with this week as I soak on our MKMMA lesson and ask myself multiple times daily … “What would the person I intend to become do next?”.  What a great perspective to focus on and wake up my awareness to my present actions, feelings and thoughts.  Our time on earth is short and as we are learning this month from Og, we need to make each minute count as if it is our last day.  We need not…

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Week 18- Pushing Through

It is so good when you can feel the goodness coming ,ENJOY!!!

Master Key Kara

This week has been a struggle for me for some reason. I am not sure exactly why or why my focus shifted slightly. I have been reading the Master Key and the Greatest Salesman, but some of the other exercises have been difficult for me to keep up. I still find myself repeating the information naturally in my mind without physically reading something, which is remarkable and a WONDERFUL feeling that things are changing inside. I had two people come to me this week and ask me if something was different or if I changed something? On two separate occasions they both said, “I looked different and something has changed”…..in a good way. I just smiled and said THANK YOU! In my head I was just thinking how extremely grateful I am for having the opportunity to be part of this life changing Mastermind. 🙂


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